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There are plenty of people out there that you will click with, and plenty of people out there you will not. Also your matching with people based on usually just location and mutual physical attraction. I would offer the advice to just not go into with high expectations.

People can pick up on that and get scared off easily. A first date is just you meeting with someone to see if it makes sense to meet again. I'm a woman, just to throw that out there. No matter what site I go to I see some of the same faces so switching apps doesn't really help from what I've found.

I always give up and then get back on, but I'm at the point where I m just going to accept being single or hope to just meet a guy in person, although guys never approach me so single it might be, lol. All in all I don't think one is better than the other. I have a lot of female friends who say that they get a lot of messages while on dating apps but you go to 30 dates to meet 3 good people. I send lots, I don't wait on messages. As for in person I don't approach men, I'm too shy. Have you been following the same advice that they give to men who are not having luck?

Making a profile: It's actually not a pain in the ass

So far I've just met a "straight" nympho and a guy who likes trains just a little bit too much, so I'm thinking about going on a dating app or site. Are there any "gay dating apps" worth using? If so, which ones? Genuinely interested.

Making physical appearance changes? Pruning and tailoring your profiles, etc?

Not a different hair style? Nothing that could be improved to make you more physically desirable?

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Lmao, I'm gonna stop you there. There are men that I choose not to talk to but it's not because they need to change their appearance, I'm just not interested. So I'm not gonna change me for no one. Just as I have standards, so do they and I recognize that the odds of catching the eye of a woman who meets my standards is higher if I make physical changes so I am making them.

If you are willing to limit your odds of success instead of making compromises with a future partner that is your call to make. I have been using tinder for the last 5 years when I am not in a relationship and I have found it to be very successful once I understood how to use it. Photos, bio and opening line is everything. I met my current girlfriend on tinder, we just moved in together and I look forward to asking her to marry me in a year or two. Have faith OP: I had success with okcupid, I paid for the premium service for 6 months and it was worth it IMO.

Although I did notice some things to increase success: Maybe meet up with a trusty friend with a nice camera and some different shirts and have a little photo shoot 3 make your profile unique. I made my profile moderately sarcastic and a lot of my first messages were about the jokes on my profile 4 after 24 hours of okcupid chatting you should have their number, and days after that you should suggest meeting up.

If you take any longer than that window closes. Another good one is Hinge. I know what you are talking about: Many fake profiles on Tinder, Bumble, Down, etc, and many women who are their not to meet partners rather to boost their ego It depends a lot on your age. I'm am 30 have the best luck on Bumble, I also find it along with Hinge, have the best looking people. Also if you are automatically swiping left on girls that include their instagram accounts in the bio.


It's a pretty common thing for people to do. It does not mean they aren't actually interested in meeting people and going on dates. Online dating can only supplement dating in real life. If there is no significant local population of people your age, online dating will do fuck all.

The Virgins of Reddit [Feat. General Sam]

Match and POF have worked the best for me in the past. Match because it's a paid site and an expensive one at that , so most of the people there are pretty serious about finding someone. And POF just because there are so many people on there. Many aren't serious, but you'll never run out of people to message The top things I look for in a guys profile are: I'm a couple months late to this thread but thanks, this is exactly the information I was looking for.

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Best of luck on the manhunt! Every app has bs profiles. And, a lot of people use multiple apps, good chance you'll see a lot of overlap. It's just the name of the game and more and more dating apps keep on coming out. If you're not having much success, focus more on meeting women organically.

Men greatly outnumber women so they have more power and often have unreasonable standards for online dates, conversely women still prefer to be approached in person while men are becoming more and more reluctant to actually approach since the internet is easier. Personally I've had much, much more success organically vs online.

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