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And it's not just young men, older men seem like to to prey on younger men in the gay community. It's why rates of pedophilia are much higher among gays. And a bath house isn't the same thing as a whore house, as a whore house requires payment. I am not st8, so idk if its just an entry fee or pay every one. And I do agree STD rates among gay men is higher, i just said idk what it was uncertain what it was, even more so compared to the str8 rate because there are still gay men in the closeted well into their old age. Gay men and women dont have that risk, and be more promiscuous, additionally like I said young men like to fuck way more than young women.

Whore houses usually have an entrance fee and you pay each hooker. There aren't places where random women have sex with men for free. If we can agree on that, I'm good. Too bad Chasabl kinda died off. This just looks like it creates more pain than it fixes if you're looking for a long term relationship instead of sex. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.


Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a starterpack. Submit a new text post. It's not fair. Straight people have a whole buffet of other straight people in front of them at all times. If a straight male sees an attractive female from across the room, he knows there is at some level a "chance" that the two of them could be together.

Obviously he may not have talked to her there, but odds are that basic framework of potential attraction exists. When a gay man spots another man, unless he relies on stereotypes, he really has no idea if this fundamental potential exists. Odds are against him. So, for him, he must spend a large portion of his time just finding out if that BASIC level of potential attraction required for any romantic relationship is there.

Only after that can the other developments start. I think this especially true in more closeted circles like the area I'm from.

Obviously in more gay-friendly areas it's easier to figure these things out. You need a good gaydar to work out who is gay or open. Plus, just because you're gay doesn't mean you only fancy other gay people.

That's not easy either. As a girly lesbian, I constantly get overlooked. If I'm in a gay club, everyone thinks I'm just some straight girl hanging about. I'm not gay enough for some lesbians and I'm forever having to "come out" to people over and over again because it's not obvious.

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The little ways in which we're treated differently gets annoying. Even when they are tolerant of LGBT relationships a lot of people still don't want to hear or see it. The Confidence Booster " At a party some time ago a really drunk guy came up to me and made out with me. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I think you could give some of us heteros pointers. But your description of the two of us being "inseparable friends" is spot-on. AMAs should be about:

Which I realise is not always a bad thing. People need to realize that LGBT people come in all shapes and sizes and rainbow varieties. By now it should be obvious, but for some reason it isn't.


I'd say the same might be true about bars. . The best advice is when you do try and hook up with guys for sex at the beginning, and you. I'm not on the scene anymore and I'm certain things have changed but. Most gay guys don't buy it - the community learned long ago that you.

As a femme lesbian, I have to come out over and over again like this woman. It gets annoying because you genuinely don't know how people will react, at the very least you don't want them to stick that gay label on you as though it's the most interesting thing about you. You feel safer in a gayborhood, but that is also typically a place where gay bashers will congregate if they get in that mood.

Also, when I was in a less accepting place than here, when my former partner and I would kiss on a public date, such as a public park, and there were cops around, we would often get harassed and threatened to be arrested for solicitation whereas the straight couples that were there were given a free pass to go fuck in the woods. This is really sad but I had to include it because some people don't think that gay bashing still exists - it does. That's one of the many reasons why we have pride, to show that we're a strong community who stands up against injustices.

It isn't a huge deal but after 6 years together it eats away at you and becomes extremely grating. Okay, so it's not so bad.

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But I get it. The little ways in which we're treated differently gets annoying. It's like you're given little reminders that you're not what is considered "the norm". For this guy, the fact that he mentions the length of his relationship shows that he feels as though these little things invalidate his relationship somehow. It's not fair that he should have to feel that way. It creates a small bit of paranoia, and apparently really isn't that uncommon.

Also, for females, jealousy.

We are still women! I'll be jealous that she's so gorgeous, she'll be jealous that I'm so thin, I'll be jealous of her hair, she'll There is not always a guy and a girl. I understand its to connect it to something you might not understand, but sometimes there really just isn't one.

Looks from people in public. The nice thing is, usually they're nice looks, or more confused. Hell, I do it too! It's kind of a reminder of how far we've come. If I'm not feeling well on a date and need to go excuse myself she can and several have just been like, "Oh I need to go to the bathroom too, I'll come with you.

This is hilarious but true.

Not going to deal with it when life is short and there are plenty of other places to see instead. In Mexico most people in tourist areas are used to seeing gay couples, in the cities no one will bother you though you might catch an old lady looking at you like you just killed Jesus. My girlfriend will literally get catcalled while we are walking down the street together. Holding hands. She is a very petite, feminine, classically beautiful woman and I am I dress like Ned Flanders. I know that feeling. In my last relationship me being an average looking girl, my ex being a far above average and very femme-dressing one men would seriously shout pick-up lines and whistle at her while we were walking down the street holding hands.

So disrespectful and hurtful, tbh. I was out with a lesbian friend once.

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A dude was talking to us at a bar and as the topic came up he said the famous line "you just didnt have the right D yet" its annoyong af. So I a dude winked at him and with my most steretypical femme gay guy voice said "you neither". Dude beat me up but the boucer was quick. Worth it.

We were all at least partially drunk and this was in a somewhat rural area where homosexuality just isnt a thing pretty much. I took at least one hit to the face which split my lip and i had a faceguard with my arms after that. Details are a bit fuzzy as we all were slightly drunk. And thanks for the gold! Plus I guarantee he didn't make the connection of how he felt about that to how the woman felt I got the male version of this from my cousin. I had recently came out to him and he was being very supportive. Then one day we were talking and I don't quite remember how it came up but we must have been talking about my past experimentation and my coming out process when I mentioned that I tried to date one girl in my life and us having sex pretty much sealed the deal in my mind that I was gay so I ended it and haven't questioned my sexuality since.

When I showed him a picture of her apparently she wasn't that attractive in his mind and was on the heavier side so he hits me with "before you come out to more people why don't you try going out with a really attractive girl first, thin wirh big tits and a nice ass, maybe you will change your mind. He realized how silly he was being. We happened to be friends but then started dating. We dated for over a year and the only reason it ended was because our career paths took us in different directions.

I've literally been making out with a girl at a gay club and had a guy put his hand on my shoulder to get my attention.

AMAs should be about:

That's right buddy, just here for your entertainment. Someone at work asks if you saw a movie, do you say you saw it with your partner? If there a way to make it less stressful for you? I can't speak for everyone but when a straight person casually references a gay couple like that they get mentally filed away into the "probably fine with it" category.

I find it interesting when I'm talking about my uncle and his husband or my aunt and her wife or my roommate and her partner in passing, that I can almost always get a feel for the other person depending on their reaction.