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Who picks up the dry cleaning? Often, making a list and then discussing how to divide it can be a discussion at home, or in session. Gay male relationships where there is a parenting factor involved differ from straight relationships mostly in that same-sex parenting needs extra support. Family — In gay male relationships, the role of one of the male partners in taking care of aging parents can be an issue, similar to straight couples. Fortunately, for most of the gay couples I have worked with, there have been surprisingly few seriously hostile in-law conflicts.

More often, the son-in-law is treated as a full member of the family, which is a nice thing to be able to say about the current times we live in. Fun — Fortunately, one huge and consistent benefit I have observed in gay male relationships over straight ones is that gay couples consistently demonstrate a youthfulness, playfulness, and sense of fun, especially with peers but also alone with each other.

While this is common to affluent gay male couples, even middle class or working class gay couples seem to have an extra sense of discovering fun, creative pastimes.

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Men are physically larger than women, so they can go through a lot of alcohol and food at events hence the stories of the first all-gay cruises running out of alcohol on board! A friend of mine once said that he believed gay men had particularly-evolved critical thinking skills. While two gay men might love one another in their relationship, they will still subtly compete with one another to others, like most males in the animal kingdom. This can be a certain mutual benefit, but it can also be a source of competition or even resentment of what the other has that he lacks.

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If you are a single gay man who lives in a large city such as New York City — you have had this happen to you before. Listen, living in a cities. Even though straight couples have dating challenges of their own, dating in the gay world may have its own unique set of challenges.

We want to make ourselves attractive to each other, but we also tend to want to be recognized and admired in our own right by others. For gay male couples, loving and accepting the self individually and in context of each other, and society at large, can be a challenge. Politics — I think gay male couples are just simply more affected by politics, changes in laws, and changes in society than straight couples are. When we watch the evening news, or read news outlets online, they are often talking about us as gay men.

That just puts an extra stress on the day, in addition to the fact that the Internet service provider is down or that the cat just threw up grass on the carpet.

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Gay male couples tend to be more politically aware, and even more politically active attending protests, writing letters, attending fundraisers, observing boycotts, making donations than straight couples, because their rights and existence are challenged every day these days with a certain urgency and immediacy that straight couples are generally spared. However, form, endure, and happily, they do, often without my help at all. What is your experience with the above 10 items of difference? Your comments and feedback are welcome. For more information on my therapy and coaching services, or for more articles on many topics of interest to gay men, visit www.

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Shyness and the fear of rejection were largely named as the reasons behind their lack of initiative in walking up and introducing themselves to someone they find attractive and intriguing. While being in a gay relationship in Singapore presents its challenges, there are many gay couples who have withstood the test of time. Do dress up - Find out where you guys are going. So I didn't get into sports, and instead concentrated on those things that DID come easy. Post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD:

These are the issues that come up repeatedly in couples counseling sessions: Canada U. US News. World News. Social Justice. Donald Trump.

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This all goes back to 'confidence'. Personally, I went through a long phase of seeing how little I could do while still hooking up. Sure I crashed and burned once in a while, but it was fun to see what women would agree to with the least amount of effort on my part. I once got someone's phone number without telling her my name.

Good times. But seriously, if they don't "try", they're not really interested. They are interested in getting laid, but not "interested". I'm not sure if much know this but I am a gay man, in simple terms that means I am attracted to gay men for romantic purposes which can include dating, and I for one really dislike a challenge.

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I've learned through experience mostly with losers that mixed signals are a really bad sign. A challenge is also a really bad sign and I don't stay around to be challenged. Yes for real, who wants to be "challenged" Originally Posted by TKramar. Yep, it seems a challenge would somehow be thought of as mind games or stuff like that.

Not normally my cup of tea.

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