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The bottom and versatile men were grouped together for analyses because it turned out they were extremely similar to one another in handedness and gender non-conformity. The results replicated previous studies in that gay men demonstrated more non-right handedness and reported higher levels of childhood gender non-conformity than straight men. Tops were still more gender non-conforming on average than straight men, though.

This is where things get really interesting: This suggests that gay men's anal sex role preferences are rooted, to some degree, in their biology. In other words, although tops and bottoms both have the same sexual orientation, they may arrive at that orientation via very different biological pathways.

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Further, the results also suggested that this difference in handedness between tops and bottoms partially explains why they differed in gender non-conformity. Though fascinating, this study like any study has its limitations, including the fact that the sample wasn't representative among other things, the vast majority of participants were white. In addition, it doesn't answer the why question: There's also just a heck of a lot of individual variability.

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You can be gay and a bottom, but still be right-handed and extremely masculine. It's easy to point to exceptions to the pattern reported in this study, but that doesn't necessarily undermine it.

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Remember that this research is still very preliminary and that the handedness part may be just one small piece of the puzzle. What all of this tells us is that understanding the origin of sexual orientation is a very complicated matter.

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While there's still a lot we don't know, what the research suggests is that there seem to be different kinds of homosexuality that have different causes. It also suggests that the search for a simple answer to the question of why some people are gay—like the elusive "gay gene"—is one that's likely to prove futile.

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J ustin Lehmiller is the director of the social psychology program at Ball State University, a faculty affiliate of the Kinsey Institute, and author of the blog Sex and Psychology. Follow him on Twitter JustinLehmiller.

A new study explores the potential origins of male homosexuality.

Read This Next: A new study explores the potential origins of male homosexuality. Dating back to the ancient Greece, anal sex played a role in the expression of same-sex sexuality albeit, with fewer varieties of lube.

The art of anal sex is the thing that, both positively and negatively, has come to represent gay men. In other words: Rather, gay sex is more like firing up your PlayStation and playing Fallout 4.

To limit oneself to just a single flavor is to shut out a smorgasbord of new experiences. Of course, culturally and historically, gay men have been narrowed down where the act of sex itself defines us.

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