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Camp Buddy, de BLits Games

Umichan Sentoryu by Vortex Help Holly set up her maid cafe by finding sexy girls! Be sure to "interview" them first!

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Raven Go! Beast boy finds a little alone time to enjoy himself that's until Raven shows up.

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AchingDreams2 HentaiGame by hentaicook. Discover the beautiful women of Ancient Serenia in this hit sequel. Dynasty Lovers Dating Sim by Bomee. Dynasty Lovers Dating Sim: Fantasy, RPG, super sexy dating sim without hentai! Anime Babes: Hentai High by Alias-Zero. You can be the coolest dude in school when you bag all these hot hentai girls! Welcome to Camp Fe!

A hentai filled story! Summer Special Public by OppaiGames. Spend time with Aria, Mai or Sara for an eventful, fun and sexy day at the beach Sex Bunny Sim by Klacid. A hotel full of Playboy bunny like girls has called you for help!

The Lusty Barfly by crageous. It couldn't have been easy morally with so much suddenly happening around the same time. Wishing well for the full crew, physically and mentally.

Camp Buddy Game Demo (v) Released! | Mikkoukun on Patreon

This kinda stuff can be stressful and when problems arise, just gotta go with the punches! Thanks for the update! And that's totally understandable, It's good to hear things have been getting solved and I'm sure things will go alright on the end! Hope the Storywriter get better soon, my best wishes for him!

8 Indie Games Featuring Queer Relationships, Eroticism, and Hugs

And I can't wait for the next demo, I'm sure it will be really fun! Thanks for the update, that kind of issue suck, good to hear it has been resolved. Would have been better if we had been informed when this rose instead of only when it have been resolved. It seems you had a hard time this summer Don't let it get to you!

Camp Buddy Demo | First Impressions

I will be waiting for your game! I'm happy that the team has been so transparent with what's been going on, and I'm happy that most of the issues seem to have been wrapped up such as the funds and how you guys are all working on restructuring and getting your people in order. There's still a wiggling suspicion in the back of my mind and all, but I'm trying to be optimistic as well.

This is a learning experience, and I know from experience that time management isn't something everyone is good at from the start. Thanks for the update, team! Hoping to read more from you all soon! There is still no excuse for staying silent for 2 month. Better to give small updates on time than just one big one.

Wow I didn't know how much of a trouble you guys we're having, I knew that there was internal problem due to the silence but I didn't know how badly it was but finally thanks for clarifying to us backer.

Being silence for about a month was definitely bad and made a lot of people nervous and confuse if the game was ever going to be made. I'm sadden that Kaen left, some of us backer had at least communicated with him before and after the campaign on this page and most of my suggestion given here was received by Kaen, hopefully he noted down at least some of them and given it to you or the new programmer.


game to release, and since we still do not have a final release date, we w. Camp Buddy will now feature animated sex scenes! Download from BLits Games · Download from MEGA · Download from Yaoi Visual Novel. A visual novel and dating sim game that features gay romance packed with beautiful CGs, music, voice acting and massage theme! Hi everyone, we have some fullservice news updates. I promised that I would be back to Patreon again in June, (finished or not with fullservice).

I know this is selfish of me but I do hope the quality of the game is not affected by this, whenever someone new comes into this kind of situation it always change the outcome of the product especially a new programmer continuing work on an unfinished game previously done by someone else. I don't know who the new guy is but I wish him luck and I'll wait for the new demo hopefully that it will better than the first one. One Last note, they are a few thing I'm still waiting to see are voice acting update I cant wait to hear their English and Japanese voices and maybe a preview of an animated scene.

Hate to say that, but the Halloween picture really shocked me. Other than Kovit no character from that pic seemed to be like the original version. What happened? Best wishes to FS. Thank god we got new update. I understand your problems but here is an advice: If you can't release the game because it isn't perfect, can you release a demo with complete or just more CG first?

Thank you said so. As that's your mind, I hope that I won't see your anxiousness, sorry, and sort of that bad feelings in your post!! Awww sounds like quite a bit of bad luck you've run into, glad to hear that it's finally working out now. But, I am with everyone else, we would prefer to hear the bad news than no news. Thank you for giving us a full run-down of everything that happened, with full transparency.

We're still here going forward, and will be glad to keep hearing about what's going on as well. The writer is still heavily medicated by now, but don't worry, he will finish the work. Let's wish him well! Yes, we will be more transparent next time.

Full Service updates : October 2017

Your Character is exclusively a top with all of those guys. And I can't wait for the next demo, I'm sure it will be really fun! Ultros Linkshell: All rights reserved. To get the most out of the game, You need to date all the dads a couple times. When it comes to games representing marginalized people and their experiences, I think encouraging empathy becomes all the more important. Brutal violence

I just want to repeat what CJ said. Chang-Bum We thought so too at first which is to keep us quiet for a month. But i think, a clarification is needed since we got tons of mail asking what happened to us or why there is no progress at all. And we literally do nothing for whole month whether just to take a break, or resolving solution before continuing our progress. We're just trying to be transparent on anything as much as we've been through with this project together. Because this isn't just Herculion's project, but also everyone that already fund or work with us.

I think you don't need to explain specific reason for delay. Isn't it? As you told, the notice or your footprint is in tweeter, facebook, so on In my case, I can't access facebook, tweeter, instagram - like social network services because my family problem So I should take a info from here or patreon, pixiv a little. However these few month, I feel blind. The thing I see is keyboard fight on comment and guesses with impatiant, many questions to you. That's O. You have your own reason that hard to predict. I'll post back when I've finished a couple romances. Okay I've played through a few of the story branches in Starfighter.

I will say a few things: Great story, although pretty short about 45 min per playthrough. Sex scenes are worked into the story more, and aren't rewards for finishing a story arc. Extremely cool art design. Half of the romance options are feminine to the point of looking like women, which I'm not a huge fan of.

I actually thought the primary love interest was a woman for the first several minutes his name is Selene. I've unlocked four sex scenes, and all of them were very hot, the dialogue especially. Overall, I'll recommend this game, especially if you prefer your guys more androgynous. Repeat is another good furry one no link cause mobile, just google "shirokoi" he's the creator.

How's the story? The art a bit too slim for my tastes, but if the writings is good it makes up for it. Story is interesting, if a little complicated. The three main characters are well fleshed out, and there are monthly updates.

Gay 'dad dating' game is a surprise hit - BBC News

One of them, Owen, is a lot bigger than the other two so you might like him better. Tried it, it was enjoyable. I skipped on the sex scenes with Owen as they are not in the best places.