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Why I Came Out as Gay on Nigerian TV

They never give up on the idea of a better, egalitarian society.

We need to push through and make Nigeria better. Living abroad would not bring the change we need. I think it's temporarily satisfying.

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Yeah, I feel like it would be easier to exist in another country as a gay person. I have a friend who recently travelled to Europe. He's been moving from one city to another and he's full of exciting news about how relaxed the gay atmosphere is in these places. He absolutely does not seem interested in returning to Nigeria. And he's got to the point where he's comfortable forsaking his nationality based on his sexual orientation. Do you blame religion for homophobia in Nigeria?

Religion is a top priority problem for the country.

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The new law has its bearing in religion; it can't be separated from religion. The senator who introduced the bill into parliament is of the conservative Anglican faith, and we all know what that stands for.

Nigeria's new law is even more archaic than Russia's.

We are clouded in extreme religious philosophies. Religious leaders brainwash us every now and then, and all we do is sit and swallow the religious ideas they preach without ever questioning them. Religion led to legislation against homosexuals in the colonial era.

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How would you improve the situation? Nigerians should wake up from their sleep.

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Our politicians and religious leaders are busy piling up wealth for themselves, and we follow them with our brains under our feet. They use the issue of homosexuality to constantly deceive us, as if homosexuals are the ones closing the doors of development for the country.

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Religion is one major thing I blame for Nigeria's homophobia. Culture is a close second. The arguments always revolve around two ideologies: Old Testament teachings and the belief that it's not African to be gay.

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I've heard rumours about a number of Nigerian politicians and military officials being gay, but I doubt this law would affect them. It's not rumour; the truth is that they're closeted homosexual bigots. They have all the resources at their disposal to protect themselves from the heinousness of the law.

SHOCKING: Being Gay in Nigeria

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The then-president, Olusegun Obasanjo , acknowledged fraud and other electoral "lapses" but said the result reflected opinion polls. In the Nigerian state of Akwa Ibom about 15, children were branded as witches and most of them end up abandoned and abused on the streets. The economy and popular music are you in west history of free porn site featuring a rich wealthy and lifestyle. January Retrieved 28 May According to the United Nations, Nigeria has been undergoing explosive population growth and has one of the highest growth and fertility rates in the world. Haphazard industrial planning, increased urbanisation , poverty and lack of competence of the municipal government are seen as the major reasons for high levels of waste pollution in major cities of the country.

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